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Do you love juicing or muffins or both? Then I have a slice of heaven to share with you. Hey guys, Krystle K here. A few months ago I watched the documentary "Hungry For Change" and it got me on a chia seeds and juicer kick. <click on the link for the...

Hungry for Change is an amazing documentary of making healthy changes in your world! This is their 10 step plan! Isagenix cleanse products contain aloe vera as the gelatinous ingredient to rid our bodies of toxins! Among other herbs that specifically help the body to detox.

7 Food Documentaries to Watch Now

7 Food Documentaries to Watch: Hungry for Change, Food Inc (check!), Food Matters, Fresh, King Corn and Forks Over Knives (check!)

Must Watch Documentaries They are available on Netflix and YouTube IN RANDOM ORDER 1. Farmageddon 2.Vegucated 3.Food Inc 4.Food Matters 5.Forks Over Knives 6.Hungry For Change 7.Fat Sick & Nearly Dead These aren't the exact words but I got this from the documentary Hungry For Change. Very informative film, everyone should watch it!

Get the Word Out!

Get the Word Out! Documentaries every health-conscious (and curious, simply everyone) should watch. List includes: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead | Hungry For Change | Food Matters | Vegucated | Forks Over Knives | GMO OMG | In Defense of Food | It Starts With Food.

Some highlights from the Food, Inc. Documentary

"Hungry for Change"--a movie about nutrition in our culture (or the lack thereof, really), health eating, toxins, etc. I just watched it and definitely recommend it.