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Finally finished unpacking my word work center. I'll start with these pretty basic games and puzzles and then move to more challenging sight word, word family and sentence games as the year goes on.


This is pano 2 of 2 of my classroom after my first day of work. My next steps are to paint the tall bookshelf behind my small group table and maybe also my shorter cascading bookshelves and then to start unpacking all the stuff from the closets!!


I totally cut up my anchor chart from last year, because I didn't want to draw and color these pics again!! Hahaha anyway, this is my What is a Scientist chart. We'll start with a mentor text and short video to get their ideas going and then I'll add what they think scientists do to the chart.

Last, but not least for today is the science center! I switch out the activities and tools as the year goes on, but this is how it will start.

The library center is my favorite, because it's so cozy and inviting. I've spent a lot of time organizing my books by genre and/or themes and creating labels for the baskets. It's still hard for them to put the books back in the correct basket, but I'll keep working on it!

This is pano 1of 2 of classroom after the first day of just setting up furniture. I place all of my centers around the walls and student tables in the middle. Ignore the anchor charts on the walls; those were left up from last year and need to be taken down to start fresh!

Here is the other window. What I do to optimize light, but still keep it cute, is I pull the blinds all the way up, hang the curtains, then tie the curtains with ribbon. I left the ribbon at home so I'll have to do that tomorrow.

After we finished all the polka dots on the author's chair or share chair then we let it dry and wrote on it with a sharpie paint pen. Lydia wrote Share Chair in funky letters then we decorated the areas that didn't have polka dots. The last step was to seal it with polyurethane in a spray version, because we want easy!! And voilà! It's ready for the classroom!! I can't wait to use it with the kiddos for when they want to share their work!! Don't worry, I'll get a pic of it in my classroom…


Here is the prize box/tub. Students can cash in their coupons on Fridays for prizes and other rewards. This year I am going to use Mr. Potato Head as a class reward system. We will build him as the class gets complimented or goes above and beyond with their learning and behavior. Then, I'll have to come up with a special treat or prize to reward them. I try to use as much positive reinforcement as possible so that we don't dwell on the negative.

So…I tried to make those fancy poms out of tissue paper to hang with these table signs, but they didn't work!! I'll have to work on my pom making skills! Anyway, I'm pretty proud of just my table signs for now!!