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My two favorite things, josh hutcherson and Despicable Me!:) the one on the bottom is me whenever I see him:)

I love her so much

I love her so much

Jen Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is the equivalent of a rhino that just escaped a zoo. I love her.

My face when I read that sentecne :)

My face when I read that sentecne :)

little manhattan,zathura,rv,bridge to terabithia,journey to the center of the earth,the vampires assistant,the kids are all right,journey 2,the hunger games,

Josh Hutcherson and some, if not most, of the movies he's been in. Haven't seen Little Manhattan, didn't finish Vampire's Assistant, and barely got into The Kids Are All Right.

I love Jen

Zach Galifianakis Jennifer Lawrence Between Two Ferns -- Pretty much the best two people you would ever be able to find in between ferns.

Josh Hutcherson on kissing scenes. I don't think I could love him anymore.

Josh Hutcherson on kissing scenes.*awww joshy is talking about me**he says I'm pretty*

Lol this is so accurate it hurts me

There should be a pic of Finnick Odair, he is mine forever and yet I have to share him.<<I'd take Peeta and Finnick so.