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Like this pin? Why not check out my board!

Can I use this with the other chess-themed-but-not-really prompt I have on my board? Like this would be when she was finally victorious, referencing the previous conversation before taking the literal king down.

I like how he's gone from "its not gonna happen" now he's friends with them and is now "we're never gonna tell you"

I just want this on my board don't even care about the chain

BREAKING: FBI Asst Dir Publicly Calls Out Hillary Then Issues Massive Announcement | EndingFed News Network See All My Boards At:

Like this pin? Why not check out my board!

"If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?" wherever ice cream is I like you kid! ______ Love these random whiteboard messages!! I bought the pack from @miss5th yesterday, projected it on my screen today, and traced it onto my board ✌️

Uhhhh I think we're becoming a little bit too invasive but _(ツ)_/ idk