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California Fish and Game wardens in the spotlight on 'Wild Justice,' premiering Sunday on National Geographic Channel - latimes.com

California Fish and Game wardens in the spotlight on 'Wild Justice,' on the National Geographic Channel Wildlife Heroes w/guns.


lol, but its true!

Pray for our law enforcement. I pray for the protection of my brother Dan!

All law enforcement officers lives matter

I love that fact that she's so incredibly brilliant but completely comprehensible to the general public. She must subscribe to the Keep It Simple Stupid methodology :0)

ThanksGreat quote from Elizabeth Warren awesome pin

Keeping you safe flawlessly

Firefighters, police officers, emergency management, disaster response teams -- all are public servants

Because hypocrisy

Because hypocrisy

LEO Wife

I promise, baby, I promise. No matter what. I promise.

Seriously. It really seems the news these days, all gossip & propaganda...

This picture brings tears toy eyes and pain to my heart since I have so many family members fighting on that blue line

Hillary Clinton Fish | VOTING FOR HILLARY JUST BECAUSE SHE'S A WOMAN IS LIKE DRINKING BLEACH JUST BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE WATER | image tagged in hillary clinton fish | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

No, vote for Hilary because she has more common sense in her pinky that the Chump has in his whole body.