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Huckberry Ridge Blanket

After dinner this night, the song books came out, people dropped in and we made glorious music. I wandered out for a while when the tent got a bit warm and I didn't know the songs being sung (I can't sight read for nuts). One of the great things abou.

Virgen de Guadalupe, Queretaro, Mexico (I just bought this same bag at a second-hand store two days before I pinned this!)

I believe dogs are better than people. I believe that laughing cures almost anything. I believe in red lipstick. I believe that how a person handles tangled Christmas lights says a lot about their character. And I believe in miracles, always.

Southern girls slightly obsessed with all things preppy & chic including Lilly, Anthropologie, Louis Vuitton, Patagonia, Carolina Football, The Masters, art museums, tennis, & lowcountry beaches.....summer breezes at the ocean. Success is in the details.

There is a whole giant big world out there. Live your life in the wild, away from large urban centers and your mind will flourish in ways it never could. Remove yourself from the ties of technology. You will feel things so deep you never knew existed.

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