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These are silly points of view from that silly-giggle-tickled Bostonian girl who lives multiple lives as a swimmer, a doodler, a violinist, a writer, a fashion and food-lover, an Arsenal FC fan and...

Some of you have asked how you can support my Gap year. Here is is (: Heather to Harpenden | Mission Trip -

I love laughter. Laughing (at) myself, making people laugh, hearing laughter... it's just awesome. =) And an added bonus: laughing burns calories. =D I LOVE funny movies, shows, people. Having a good sense-of-humor is one of the best things in life. =)

The lines we draw that make us who we are, are potent by virtue of being non-negotiable, and even, at some level, indefensible. To apologise for your personal absolutes, your core attachments, means...

I love 'em, and not just because, for some of them, you get a bit of time off of work and/or school. There's such a wide variety of things that we celebrate and take time to remember, particularly here in America. It really is pretty cool. I do have my particular favorite holidays, but they're all fun, in their own unique ways. =)