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Died: November 18th 2015, Auckland, New Zealand ~ Jonah Tali Lomu, MNZM was a New Zealand rugby union player of Tongan descent. He had sixty-three caps as an All Black after debuting in 1994. Wikipedia Born: May 12, 1975 Auckland, New Zealand.

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Iran executes man for doubting tale of Jonah and the fish

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The earliest Aramaic alphabet was based on the Phoenician alphabet. In time, Aramaic developed its distinctive "square" style. The ancient Israelites and other peoples of Canaan adopted this alphabet for writing their own languages. Thus, it is better known as the Hebrew alphabet today. This is the writing system used in Biblical Aramaic and other Jewish writing in Aramaic. The other main writing system used for Aramaic was developed by Christian communities: a cursive form known as the…