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Stop it Trey. Now you're just humiliating everyone else with a camera.

I know that Trey has a million shots that blow minds throughout the Universe, and maybe beyond. (Who knows?) But this has always been my favorite image of his. I love the implied story line and the simplicity. Love it Trey.

I actually ganked this idea from Trey and went and took the same picture (well, tried to) from the same location at the same date. At this point the image I took is the largest (also most $) image I have sold. So I guess I need to break Trey his 10%.

...Aaaaand - SCENE! The Apple store in New York doesn't actually look this good. Trey just makes it seem so.

Before too long I really have a goal to shoot the Flat Iron building. If I can get the detail that Trey got with this one I'll be a happy dude.

It's a Tree with some Sun setting behind it. But Trey makes it look more awesome than that. I hate him.

More Blade Runner-easque quality stuff from the Mighty Mighty himself.

Bladerunner? Nope it's TreyRunner. This image somehow came out looking 3D. I'm not sure how he did it. But Trey always takes it next level. So no big surprise. Just more awesomeness.