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“So they kick out the 27 Christians from the US? But they will allow Muslims? Wasn't Obama claiming that the Republicans hated Muslims? So he goes…”

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Liberal logic, the false "truth" that has a variable statement that is adjusted to fit the narrative, designed to deceive, and to manipulate the opinion of "low information" people.

This bitch is beyond stupid. Oh please let me coexist with someone who wants to rape me and cut my head off at the first opportunity!! DO NOT LET AMERICA COME TO THIS!!

Then this stupid bitch can go to muslimland and hug everyone if that's what she thinks will fix everything!

As if Bernie’s actually read it himself… – Liberal Logic 101

Democrats are always looking for a FREE RIDE, the money has to come from somewhere, and it's not fair to the rest of us who have worked, to support those who just don't want to

Liberal logic...or lack thereof? | WHEN OBAMA BANNED ALL REFUGEES FROM IRAQ IN 2011, HE WAS "JUST BEING CAREFUL" WHEN TRUMP BANS REFUGEES IN 2017, HE'S "AN ISLAMAPHOBIC HATE M | image tagged in memes,dr evil laser | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

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thank you julian for always being truthful. wish you safety always

( controversial, but never proven wrong. ) thank you julian for always being truthful. wish you safety always