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Im a teacher and I gave my son up for adoption 15 years ago and he's in my class…

yo that's a sugar daddy age. a 12 year old should be like playin tag and n stuff and I'm being hypocritical but tbh

Supernatural - Dean Winchester's behind you. - "Remember when those other hunters killed Sam?" || WALT: He made us and we just snuffed his brother, you idiot. You want to spend the rest of your life knowing Dean Winchester’s on your ass, ‘cause I don’t.

“Hush,” Buffy, Vampire Slayer: fairy tale monsters as those in a Grimm’s tale invade Sunnydale. These monsters are known by the darkly ironic name of “the gentlemen,” a name which belies their savage nature. They steal voices so no one can scream. After stripping citizens of their voices, they proceed to cut out their victims’ still-beating hearts. These gentlemen’s actions are so frightening that they are expressed in this eerie children’s rhyme.

Villains- Peter, Jackson (kinda), Jennifer, and unknown 3B kinda scares me.. what is it?

Yassss!!! Especially if I've just sent a paragraph!! But even more so, no response, just sends me over the edge!!!

TVShow Time - Stranger Things S01E06 - Chapter Six: The Monster


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I need to get with the program, i need to live in the real world.