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Healthy Body = Good Math Grades. It's not just a mom-ism, see how science backs up this fact . . . and how you can easily fit bursts of aerobic exercise into your already busy day.

3rd grade and 4th grade teachers, let your students play this multiplication game and see their fact fluency fly! Elementary students will have fun and learn so much about multiplication from this super fun math game. More great math resources: www.elementarymathconsultant.com

Math Fact Fluency Division – ZAP Games is a great CCSS Aligned resource for your classroom! 3.OA.C7 These games are a fun way for students to review and practice division facts. There are 12 games, one for each of the facts: 1’s – 12’s, so differentiation is easy. All 12 ‘ZAP’ Games follow the same rules – this will make introducing them to your students a snap!

Easy way to remember 6x6 through 10x10 times tables, using your fingers. It's a little more complicated than the 9's finger trick, but very cool.

Multiplication Math Hack. Simple trick where your double or add your factor to get the right answer to a larger math fact. Great for kids who know facts up to 5 but can't remember larger numbers.

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