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PRESENT personality= competitor quality= continuation desire This is the ultimate game of strategy that can go for hours that I have taught to my sons as a mind enhancer.

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Monroe, NC

On-Stage Rapping (Kanye West) Personality: Artist/ Storyteller Qualities: Voluntariness, Inherent Attraction, Freedom from Time, Diminished Consciousness of Self, Improvisational Potential, Continuation Desire

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Best 10 Images for Awards in 2013

Future Play Image 3. This image speaks for itself in the music industry. Play personality, if I won this, would be explorer and competitor, since it is a competition but music also connects people emotionally, and qualities of play would be inherent attraction and continuation desire because of the natural inclination to music and the rush to seek that joy for the next song. Image from Pouted Online Magazine.

4 Hall of Fame My play history has led me to getting inducted into the hall of fame. Being able to be imaginative and exploring has helped me tremendously, because I get a connection when I'm researching. Also continuation desire has taught me to continue my hard work, not just in play, but all facets of my life. Thats how my play history has gotten me here, to the Hall of Fame.