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I have been working hard to build the expression of gratitude into our training of Nonviolent Communication. We see how it can sustain our living in harmony with our spiritual values. The more we express and receive gratitude in a certain way, the more it reminds us of the spirituality that Nonviolent Communication tries to support. ~ Dr Marshall Rosenberg

Visual Recording Process Sharing: One of the first key points made by Dr Marshall Goldsmith in his closing keynote at #hrsummitsg was something to the effect of "its a matter of fate vs choice". I quickly drew a line right through the center of my board, anticipating his building a model based on this point. It felt a bit risky, but I'm happy how it turned out. He then went on to talk about "triggers" and build a "perfect storm of distractions" filled with the musings of our "monkey…

101 Questions and Answers About Hypertension: Lower Your Blood Pressure, Save Your Life

In this book, dr. William manger and dr. Norman kaplan answer the most frequently asked questions about hypertension and related illnesses. What causes hypertension? how do get it? how is it bad for y

Dr Lindsay Marshall of Stickfigure Fish next to her large albacore. For sale with 20% benefitting the MSC Developing World program purchase at

Further - Hand Lotion - 8 oz by Further. $12.50. Signature fragrance. Glycerin in this lotion is derived from making biofuel. Hi We're Megan and Marshall and we make Further Lotion. The glycerin in this lotion is derived from making biofuel. Marshall picks up used vegetable oil from some of the world's finest restaurants, then processes it in our garage. The biofuel goes into our cars, and the glycerin goes into our lotion, creating a perfect, sustainable circle. W...

6 Tips for Surviving a No-Spend Week

Have you heard of those CRAZY people who don’t spend any money except for bills for an entire month!? Okay, so maybe they aren’t crazy, just incredibly disciplined! Recently, my husband…

Speaking up for climate action and renewable energy | On Sunday 21 September 2014, more than 900 residents of Geelong (this was the figure counted by a Geelong Sustainability marshal) gathered at the waterfront to send a visual message to the world leaders who are meeting in New York for a UN Climate Summit on 23 September: ‘Act now or swim later’. Page contains audio recordings of five of the speeches.