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If she confides in you and shares her story...she must picture you in her future. She's not the type of woman to open up about personal pain with just anyone. Remember that.

One say you'll realize that the girl that never gave up on you decide to give up for all you've done is push her away and when you realize it she'll be waking up with the guy who already knew

I may look strong but sometimes I'm dying inside this fight I'm not giving up #chronic illness

I know this feeling so well. I stopped crying to myself at night somewhere in the middle of my marriage. I hadn't really thought about it until now, but I guess that was the point where I accepted his treatment and just became "numb" instead of upset.

My whole life has been a mask & "I'm fine". Healing hurts but I'm taking it off. No more mask for me. No more "I'm fine".