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I obviously had to draw dark side rey I don't really headcanon that she might turn to the dark side (altho that would also be cool), but I just find the.

The Dark Side Is With You Always

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What if Rey joined kylo ren and the dark side? if you like that idea, this is for you jaja. Have a happy new year!

pandamune: “ I just added a double lightsaber, I think it fits better with her.

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Give me more of Sith Rey it's an awesome concept The Knight of Rey by Withoutafuss

Darth Rey, Vincent Tanguay | SaintGenesis on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/yZvmK

Flip-flop, the alternate universe with Master Solo & Darth Rey! Art by Vincent Tanguay aka 722 Days until the Han Solo Movie 561 Days until Episode.