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DIY Agate Watercolor Artwork

Can't find art you love to buy for your home? Create your own and hang it proudly! This DIY Agate Watercolor Artwork is one of a kind and pretty easy to do!

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Joins Pinterest

this so so true. some people just aren't capable of the type of love you want. they love you with all they have but, sometimes it's just not enough.

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How Pinterest Is Changing Website Design Forever


Balance/Upstairs Living Room Corner/New Chair -

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How Pinterest Is Changing Website Design Forever

The warmth in your touch, the tenderness in your eyes, reaped benefits from my youth as I lay dead one last time. You held me by the fire and kept my nakedness close to your side. My legs rising are from your sudden urgency. It is like a play that repeats in ephemeral ecstasy. I came close to the door when you called; and I left and returned for more.

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Why Female Nudity Isn't Obscene, But Is Threatening to a Sexist Status Quo

The threat that female toplessness and self-articulated nudity poses is culturally defined and can be culturally redefined so that people recognize that the offense to morality is misogyny, not nudity.