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Ted Harrison, Nicky's Kindergarten Walk. Some people say Harrison's colors are exaggerated and not believable. However, having lived in the Yukon - where he created most of his art- I think his colors and compositions reflect the very special beauty of the North, and particularly the Yukon. I love his work!

The Canadian Shield is the horseshoe shaped area that covers about half of Canada and is the the main source of Canada's minerals which include gold, silver, iron, and copper. It's the world's largest producer in zinc and nickel. Canada is also one of the most prosperous nations in the world.

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The flag was first used by Metis fighters in 1816. It is the oldest Canadian patriotic flag indigenous to Canada. As a symbol of nationhood, the Metis flag predates Canada’s Maple Leaf flag by about 150 years. @HalfmoonYoga

Podéis traer a clase, información y /o fotos (de los animales, casas,esquimales,....)para elaborar entre todos un gran mural de