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This donkey is still very small so it needs the help of a giant bear friend to drift off to dreamland.
I raised a squirrel baby after I found the tiny baby after a storm. She lived in our home, but when it was time, we let her go. She stayed close to our home, and when she had babies, she brought them back to me to see. Born Free.... Just love it
Even giraffe's are entitled to a little fun in Africa... Love is everywhere...
Brushing just makes you feel... BETTER! Keep those smiles healthy by brushing twice a day for 2 minutes. Never underestimate the power of a clean mouth!
I'm in!
I owned a single female goose who willingly shoved an abandon day old duckling under her wing and Promptly sat on it until the shock of abandonment wore off. It was One of the most instinctually selfless acts I've ever seen in the animal world. Oh wait.  We're animals.
Squirlies. Играли белки в салочки...
I think perhaps the definition of tiny should be explored when referring to somebody's body that is clearly not...eat more asparagus.