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How to hang plates on wall without plate hangers. Great idea...will definitely have to do this. Weird shaped plates don't work with plate hangers.

Have an old trampoline that has turned into a eye sore maybe the legs are rusted n it's a hazard well here's a FANOMINAL idea; make sure to hang it from some this very surly with heavy rope & then BEAUTIFY it... I have admired this sensual idea for years.

Repurposed dinner plates hung on the walls are a funky idea for a dining room or kitchen area!

A good home security tip that you may have never thought about.... We just moved into a new home and one of the first things I do is replace the screws in the door strike plates. Most contractors install the plates with the supplied screws which are only a half inch long and come out with one kick by a burglar. I install 4 inch screws in their place that go through the door frame and into the framing of the house. They can kick for a long time before they get tired!

I really need to get on this whole hanging plates on the wall thing before it's not cool anymore