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"When stitch says, "This is my family its small and broken, but still good." Yeah that's when I lose it and cry like a big baby."

Imma still stick with Jung Kook since we're the same age, but his brother is a cutie. My BFF'S Lil sister can have him.

There's no end to our misery!!! - Imgur

l192ws over on Reddit writes, “Brunt gets mad at a dog rating twitter account” “I like that he never called him the same wrong name twice”, notes macrolinx. And indeed they do rate dogs. Here’s three dogs they’ve rated recently: 1. This… is a Tyrannosaurus rex. We only rate dogs. Please only send in dogs. …

Seiyuu fact: Did you know that 3 characters of Haikyuu!! have the same v.a.s as of Yuri!!! on Ice?! Uchiyama Koukji(known for voicin salty characters) provided the voice of Tsukishima and Yuri, Ayumu Murase(known for voicing cinnamon rolls) provided the voice of Hinata and Minami, and Toyonaga Toshiyuki(known for voicing characters with low self esteem) provides the voice of Shirabu and Yuuri!!