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In Episode 13 I interviewed Actor John Soren who is also the developer of the Karmalicity actors' publicity site.

The story of young Jessica, who has recently become blind through a freak accident, and her struggle to deal with the emotions and shock that come with such a traumatic change in her life. Roses deals with the timeless truths of forgiveness, redemption, and faith.

Commercial actress, teacher and casting director Carolyne Barry is my guest on Actors Talk podcast episode 23.

Jodie Moore

Jodie Moore plays the down & out, intense role of Jackson Tucker in #BTFS. In theaters now, catch Jodie in Oldboy with Josh Brolin and Samuel L. Jackson Other recent films include #HidingInPlainSight, #5Souls, Suburbanite Film and Heaven's Rain. In 2014, you can see him as Dr. Vern Kaplan in #Maggie with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joely Richardson, & Abigail Breslin. Also watch for Jodie Moore in Beyond the Farthest Star in theaters in 2014! See more info at…


Jordan Walker Ross is Clifford in #BTFS. Playing in a garage band with Stephen & Kyle, the boys meet up with the troubled Anne. Jordan recently shot a national #Nike commercial and was cast in a faith-based feature film called #TurningPoint as a drug dealer... A far cry from his unassuming small town role in BTFS. He has since jumped into writing, covering his favorite NFL team, the #DallasCowboys on a few sports websites. He is also working on a feature film screenplay.