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Being an old Viking may not be all that bad, being an old Viking just means you are a bad ass with power surpassed only by Odin.

Emotions haha! So me when Cesar shaves his off! Good thing is he can grow it back in like three weeks! Swoon!

This is way better than any home security system sign!

... and we all know everyone wants to be Norwegian!

BTW... your GOD does not approve of your behavior. Perhaps you should try saying a REAL prayer and ask for forgiveness. I do believe I just spit up in my mouth a little thinking about your smugness and holier-than-thou attitude. Get over yourself..twerp.

"The Tycoon's Prim Temptress" is a work in progress but I just wrote a scene where Gareth pushes Willow up against the wall and kisses her senseless. Love it!