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Design Lesson

Kimberley Seldon's Design Lessons read through article to learn about renovations and lessons learned

Alberto Pinto, Architecte de l'exceptionnel. De son nom, Alberto Pinto a fait une Maison ; de sa vision du sweet home, un univers ; de ses créations, des incontournables. Depuis quarante ans, Alberto Pinto raconte des histoires à vivre – clés en main. Aussi à l’aise dans l’architecture intérieure d’une villa à Southampton, d’un appartement à New York, d’un yacht ou d’un Boeing privé, d’un hôtel en Suisse… ou encore d’immeubles de bureaux dans le monde entier.

MARTHA STURDY - As a very young child, around the age of five or six, I loved to spend hours outside creating elaborate structures in the dirt. I would design houses and cityscapes, and sculpt them out of whatever modest materials my yard had to offer.

MARTIN LAWRENCE-BULLARD - My first design experience on a professional level was when I was 18 my sister and I decided to open a unisex designer fashion store called Temptation. I had always loved interior design so my sister looked to me to design the 2 floor shop. I chose to tent the ladies floor in cream Irish muslin and had hand wrought iron rails made to display the clothing. For the mens floor I had it paneled in walnut and a 19th century row boat hung from the ceiling.

LORENZO CASTILLO – I used to design for my own pleasure since my youth. Design has always given me a very unique pleasure. Perhaps my first experience with relevance was the design of the LOEWE shops for the LVMH group.

Redd State: Undebatable Glamour

Sara Ruffin Costello's review of Miles Redd "Big Book of Chic" - motivation at its best. Plus - How to Get Ahead, According to Redd.

DAVID EASTON - The first impact I had of the “design world” was spending summers at my grandmother’s house outside of Chicago and going to Marshall Fields & Co'S 8th floor where, as a child, I could get off the escalator look across a small garden into a house beyond and walk into that house with a Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom etc. which was a fantasy for me and still remains what I feel a direct impact – and part fantasy obviously.

A celebrity in his own right, the late British interior decorator and designer, David Hicks, styled for the rich, royal, and famous. His design legacy is one of bold, clashing colour, dynamic geometric shapes, and over-the-top contemporary opulence. - See more at: