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Save money and use less plastic with this DIY foodsaver wrap

Make your own food wraps for foods and containers in minutes! Easy to make and use! The Homesteading Hippy

Make Your Own Stackable Sound Blocks!

Find out how to make your own stackable sound blocks out of Gerber baby food containers. They are easy to make and fun to play with!

Homemade ice cream baby food I made for Zeke :) .. mix one scoop of your babies formula with 2oz of water and a can of your babies favorite fruit (reuse the baby food containers should make a little over two half jars 4oz of ice cream) freeze and feed baby .. they will love it !!! And its completely healthy !!

Create homemade colored sand for when your children are bored! This craft will give them fun play time!

Stackable Sensory Boxes: I love finding ways to use our recyclables! Fill gerber baby cups with objects that make different sounds and seal them shut. You've got your own set of sensory blocks! You could also add scents and poke small holes in the container so each block could have a different smell. *repinned by

DIY Magnetic Knife Holder With a Vintage Ruler

I've seen posts about creating your own magnetic knife rack, but I decided to use something a little different for my knife holder. I also figured out a couple...

Dr. Brown's Banana Melon Puree 1/4 honeydew melon, chopped 1 banana Combine 1/4 of a honeydew melon chopped and one ripe banana peeled and sliced. Mix with immersion blender to the appropriate consistency for your baby. Recipe Yields: 4 Servings Storage Time: 3 months in the freezer This recipe offers Vitamin C and Potassium which are necessary nutrients for your child’s growth.