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OMG CLOWNS by hutchyxx

I'm not clowning around

Lordmesa Art — Flash Clownin’!!! Here’s my take of the Flash...

Clown Paper Doll, made with standard playing cards.

Circus Clowns Jesters Vintage Clip Art Scrap Digital Collage Sheet for your Puppet Theaters Clowning Around via Etsy

Brigit's Scraps "Where Scraps Become Treasures"

Payasos - Rebecca - Picasa Webalbums

"Hi." His voice was low and thick with sleep, a sound that pricked my skin with shivers. I look at him and smile softly. "I lov-" He starts to say as I wake up. I glance around and find that it was just another dream. At least this guy was real, he was the school's rebel. Some loved and feared him. I, on that note, loved him. I knew and saw a side of him no one else did. He was sweet and gentle, not to mention sexy as hell. I stretch and push my dream away as I get ready for school(rp?)

norman rockwell | Norman Rockwell: "It wouldn't be right for me to clown around when I'm ...