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Salvation Army dresser updates with white pulls

Cha-Ching Love Oh the Littles capitol-L-Loved this elf mischief! Love Bug, our Elf on the Shelf, left a love message for them… using change! Yup, the way to my Little’s hearts is throug…

Feather starfish. Sea Creatures, Dusky's Wonders. I'm…

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DIY: How to Create Your Own Perfume Scent

Would love if my boyfriend made me my own perfume :)))

To get an idea what kind of the prices are asked for Faberge's works in prime condition, the following egg is known to have been auctioned at $18 million dollars. It is an unrecorded egg, not found in most catalogs... which makes the asking price even more astonishing (more info) -

Champagne Chairs We found these adorable chairs over at Martha Stewart Living. They're simply made from the wireframes of champagne bottles, bent into chair shapes with pliers. Hosanna Houser, Martha Stewart Lead Crafter, writes the event and dates on the bottoms of hers to remember weddings and New Year's Eves past. Cost: $0 Image: Martha Stewart Living

Mother made this with real mink scraps and nearly destroyed my belief in Santa when I found it in her sock drawer. Fortunately, I reasoned she was making them for another little girl.

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Bible Records -- DAR

One of the important research sources are found in the family Bibles – the record pages of births-marriages and deaths. Here one or more family members over the years the Bible was held by the family made a written record of major family events

Limoges box - Blue and gold with flowers. The Limoges Box is produced by Limoges factories near the city of Limoges, France that are collected worldwide made of a specialized porcelain made of a clay called Kaolin that is only found in the Limousin Region of France.

Château de La Roche Courbon, France ~ known as the Sleeping Beauty's Castle, it is a elegant château with beautiful French gardens that pre-date those at Versailles. In the Charente-Maritime, the château was originally built during the 15th century, but its current style is down to Jean-Louis de Courbon who transformed it during the 17th century. It was abandoned during Napoleon's era until it was found by Pierre Loti who appealed to collect money to save it. It is privately owned now