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A Sandwich a Day: Pork and Cabbage Pancake at Tasty Dumpling

$1.50 Pork & Cabbage Pancake 321cals;w/wheat,pork #tabmymeal

Mashed Potato and Cabbage Pancakes

Okonomiyaki. Iconic savory pancake of fresh pork belly, cabbage, egg, flour. Ribboned with kewpie and tangy sauce.

If @OkadamanNYC were going to be a few streets north, I would put this on the list for Friday's Food Truck Trial...

Everything I love about Veselka can be found at Veselka Bowery, but served with an element of style that still respects its Ukrainian heritage. Butternut squash pierogi, farmer's cheese chala, deviled eggs with caviar and steaks with stuffed cabbage are just a few of the wonderful foods one can order here. They also have a huge vodka menu!