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A safety mirror added parallel to the length of the changing table in the nursery.

The new feelings mirror for my gathering time "toolbox" Also great for feelings week, may get another or make a wall one for our comfy zone (aka calming corner or safe zone).

Hillside climber and dbl slide, NO fall zone! (tension on shades have been adjusted since photo) Bella's Playhouse

A visable hide-away tunnel @ Bella's Playhouse.!/BellasPlayhouse

A variety of foam shapes in a variety of colors. Spread them on the floor or table in the middle of your group. Ask the kids to find a "blue" or "circle". You can switch it up and ask for both "orange star". They love it & so simple! playhouse

More uses for our menus were to create a playhouse phone book (great way to share age, gender, multiracial, multicultural, disability, & professional diversity)