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Safety mirror and support bar for Bella's Playhouse "still in progress" toddler town.

looking out or looking in, would be great on divider between open area & loose parts/messy play.

A safety mirror added parallel to the length of the changing table in the nursery.

Budget friendly weaving panel and gutter supply tray @ Bella's Playhouse

The new feelings mirror for my gathering time "toolbox" Also great for feelings week, may get another or make a wall one for our comfy zone (aka calming corner or safe zone).

Hillside climber and dbl slide, NO fall zone! (tension on shades have been adjusted since photo) Bella's Playhouse

A visable hide-away tunnel @ Bella's Playhouse.!/BellasPlayhouse

A variety of foam shapes in a variety of colors. Spread them on the floor or table in the middle of your group. Ask the kids to find a "blue" or "circle". You can switch it up and ask for both "orange star". They love it & so simple! playhouse

Sheltered out door playhouse, could adapt it & probably minimize it a bit. Good for mud pie kitchen!