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share a yard with your pets? Here's a solution to keep the visual field deep yet separate your pets from the veggies.

magnolia homes

I love this garden enclosure at Magnolia Farms (and I love the show Fixer Upper!). I want something similar around my garden.

Build an Enclosure to Protect Your Garden

Build a sturdy enclosure in your yard to protect your delicate garden from pests. We have the step-by-step tutorial on The Home Depot's Garden Club.

If you live in deer country, growing a garden can be a challenge. This fence and enclosure design however has kept deer away successfully for years.

Fence for our Vegetable Garden

garden fence....this is what we need for ours b/c the animals...badger, deer, racoons....and who knows what else had a field day in our garden last yr! No matter what we did they still found a way to get in!

Designed with Guinea pigs in mind I know but this underground tunnel garden would be really enjoyed by bunny rabbits too.