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Family of 7, two of these teens, 1 bathroom, all trying to get ready at the same time. #Challenge #BigFamily

Have a teenager? Great teen parenting advice! 10 Things you need to know about your teen. Now! A must read for parents of teenagers! (Especially #3)

“Reunited and it feels so good” for parents Shanara Mobley and Craig Aiken, 41. It’s long-awaited for them, but an unexpected one for their biological daughter, Kamiyah Mobley, 18…

1-2-3 Magic Teen will help you establish a calmer, more respectful home and family life and show you how to guide your teenager into healthy, functional young adulthood.

Dr. Kevin Leman and Jean Daly offer practical advice to parents on maintaining a positive relationship with their children during the often-turbulent teen years. (Part 1 of 2) 

Mindfulness and Parenting a Child with ADHD - "Mark Bertin, MD, is a developmental-behavioral pediatrician who thinks that parents can help themselves and their child with ADHD by taking steps to manage their own stress levels when these situations arise. Could "mindfulness" be a way to help parents handle not only daily ADHD related crises, but with managing ADHD and family life in general?" 1-hour on YouTube

In a previous post, I listed 7 things that husbands and wives should stop doing which caused some interesting online conversations. Then I posted 9 Things Parents Should Never Say to Their Children. Today, I am talking about 5 things that parents should stop doing and here they are: 1. Stop yelling at your kids in public. Every parent has instances […]

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