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Make Hemp A Part Of Your Everyday Oregon medical marijuana farmers worried about neighboring farmers growing hemp. Hemp should be grown in all the states.

Growing Mint Indoors & How To Care It

Fragrant, fast-growing, and one of the best culinary herbs-- Mint can be grown indoors. Growing mint indoors is easy and doesn't require many efforts!

Your Seasonal Produce Guide (click on the link for a printable version)

From Apples to Zucchini: Your Seasonal Produce Guide

In my imaginary farm-girl life, I could totally live off the land on a 2-acre farm like this!

Les plantes ont les meilleurs amis tout comme les gens le font. Les Soucis aident les tomates et les roses à mieux pousser.Les Capucines gardent les insectes loin de la courge et du brocoli.Les Pétunias protègent les haricots des coléoptères et l'origan les chasse du concombres.Les Géraniums gardent les scarabées japonais loin des roses et du maïs. La Ciboulette fait les carottes douces, et le basilic les tomates encore plus savoureuses.

20+ Grants for Homesteaders and Beginner Farmers

A list of some food brands you can trust. Big Food brands like General Mills, Kellog, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, M&M, etc. are buying up small organic brands who don't have our health in their best interest. For example, General Mills now owns Cascadian Farms, Muir Glen & LaraBar. Kellog owns Morning Star, Kashi & Bear Naked. Pepsi owns Naked Juice. The best way to go is to grow your own, or shop local! Try your farmer's market, hit up a local CSA or Co op.

Permaculture Principles for Practical Gardeners and Farmers -

Finally, a permaculture article that doesn't read like a religion. These 9 permaculture principles are based on the concept of mimicking Nature. Suggestions and examples are given, so you can implement them in your own garden or farm. Just the science; no politics.

Planning a small farm home, old book online, obviously prices have changed but an interesting quick reed about having your own small family farm, like the advice about how many chickens and goats to have to feed a family of 4 for the year