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Explore Hand Spit, Includes Peaches and more!

"Want in One Hand, Spit in the Other" Collage and pen on playing card. Includes Peaches and pineapple background (every card in series has pineapple to represent hospitality in the south)

If you happen to lose an item, European origin southern superstition says that you should spit in your hand and then slap the spit palm with your fingers. Whichever direction the largest drop of spit falls is the direction you search. #theserpentsofbienville #folklore #alabama #superstition

Thęrę îś å ńåmę før gîrłś whø śhøøt gûńś, łîśtęń tø çøūńtrÿ rîdę føūrwhęęłęrś…… KĖĖPĖRŠ

So you're a carnivore? You catch animals with your bare hands, eat their raw flesh, blood, and bones, spit out some fur? By the way, real carnivores like wolves and lions never get heart disease, but humans arteries are so clogged that heart disease is the Number One Killer for men and women in the US, home of the Meat-eaters! Karma.

Trees that bloom twice in one year will have a bad crop. (Pap says he's seen June apples bloom twice more than once) If you spit in your hands when cutting wood-you'll have good luck. (Pap said-the spit just helps you hold on better. Holding on to the ax always = good luck) Don't plant your garden until t