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I seriously just cried from laughing so hard

As a female, YES.

It's a possibility

It's a possibility

Parenting Truths! LOL! Can you relate? #parentingtips #lifewithkids #parentingfacts

First child eats dirt parent calls doctor. Second child eats dirt parent cleans out mouth. Third child eats dirt parent wonders if she really needs to feed him lunch. So true good thing I stopped at


Teenager Post I can't even imagine the self control required to work at bubble wrap factory. This is so true and so me.

Sad, but so true!

In my closet.story of my life! i have been shopping all my life and still have nothing to wear Fashion Quotes

haha oh wow I was just thinking this.


That's hilarious and completely true. I was a mess this morning because I forgot and my makeup bag was in my gym bag. YOU HAD BETTER BELIEVE that when I arrived at work I was putting on eyeliner!


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Relatable yet so funny and so accurate!! LOL OMG I just died laughing :'D

20 Things Women Do That Men Probably Don't Know About. Number 7 shouldn't be here.that's common knowledge to men. But number 12 had me cracking up so hard.