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I made this photograph while on the southeast coast of Norway. I was staying with Eivind at his family's home while he was working on a record. I had been listening to it a lot and started to think about music in a visual way. If music could weave itself visually into our surroundings, how might it happen? I thought of the balloons as these little creatures that would spring up in the woods every time a song hit a special moment or melody.

Logging Camp, Kham

Logging Camp, Kham - 20x200 This tent is the home of a small community of hardscrabble loggers who live on this holy mountain. Tibetans consider the sources of rivers to be holy places and decorate them accordingly. The loggers tend to the prayer flags and serve tea to pilgrims. They cut trees when necessary and sell them to Chinese truckers who bring them back down to the mainland.

THOMAS ADDISON RICHARDS (1820-1900) Live Oaks in South Carolina, 1858 Oil on canvas, 21 1/8 x 30 inches