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This comic does not show the EPIC 15 minute rant that could only be delivered by the once immuno-compromised son of NURSE Sarah Rogers. It would have been 30 minutes but Steve was dragged away by a snickering Sam and a glowering Bucky “god damn it Rogers can you please stop being a fucking punk for five minutes” Barnes

Just read this. <<< Normally in fanfics I read, their situations are flipped, and Steve is the one comforting Bucky (bc they all take place post-CATWS and Bucky is recovering from being brainwashed). It's interesting to see a different take on their PTSD.

Nat puts up with her boys' shit for exactly 3 days. Then SHUT UP YOU LIVED IN AN AGE OF BOILED POTATOES AND POLIO but she then starts joining in bc you know what? She was born in 1928 so then it's all "hey, want a hard candy?" and everyone's like SHIT THERE'S THREE OF THEM

Captain America: acrobatic ballerina <--- pretty sure that's not Chris Evans

The Doctor finding beauty in the big, the small, and the really, really dangerous.

Did u see Steve and Bucky. And then Deadpool is outside looking in. And Pietro is ALIVE.

Steve Irwin. I miss his exuberant passion for wildlife. What a joy to see his children growing into such beautiful people with enormous love of life also.