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Custom Monogram Rhinestone Onesie with Matching Tutu by SammySparkleDesign

My kid only naps once a day but it's too precious to be interrupted by UPS, door-to-door sales, etc. I have a handwritten card I post on the window by our front door (from the inside) but this is a lot nicer! Only issue is it requires opening the door to place it outside... might consider placing a suction cup on our glass and using a hook to continue placing it inside our house. :)

Some Pump Iron My Mommy Pumps Gold Onesie

Some Pump Iron My Mommy Pumps Gold Onesie by SammySparkleDesign

When I was breastfeeding Sofie, I was always hungry. Why? Because women emit anywhere between 425-700 calories per day into their breast milk, which is great for baby but also leaves you feeling de...

Nursing bras that are actually cute. Only $29.99 from MommyLicious Maternity. Must remember this website when I'm pregnant!

This is great advice from a real mom just trying to figure out life with a newborn baby. I agree with all her tips!

Teach Your Baby to Sleep (In Just 7 Days)

Sleep train your baby in 7 days. Ill need this as a refresher. Our daughter slept through the night at 6.5 weeks thanks to this - we started it with her at 5 weeks. Well do it with the next one, too!

10 Decisions for Parents of Newborns

Introducing a new family member isn't easy! Even before you leave the hospital – you have to make these ten decisions for parents of newborns. Here's a great guide on those decisions, and what the options mean.