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Shhhh! I am hiding from Mondays.

hiding from monday quotes cute quote cat monday days of the week

peek a boo (by Slingher)

Raccoon peek-a-boo (by Slingher)

Giant sea spider found in arctic fact or fiction (?) You couldnt pay me enough to touch this shit

"ALIEN on EARTH straight out of the movie! scientists discovered the body of a giant sea spider like organism in antarctic waters. the origin of this species is unknown, and it is unclear. I dislike spiders.

Love cute cats! #Cute #Cat #LOL #Funny #Pics xx

But these sunglasses are for girls ! Holy crap, I look fabulous !

Post a funny picture - Epilepsy Forum

2 in a jar

Scottish Fold

adorable kitten with reflection

that's my cat the one that ate the catnip

Now, we'll do Downward Facing Do.. whoops, uh, hang on, I'm falling.

Gymnastics cat doing a foward roll

Siamese Kitten with Blue Eyes

Siamese Kitten with Blue Eye. Like my Elsa.

Oh, Grandma, you knitted me a holiday sweater/scarf set.  Thank you, you shouldn't have.  Really.

Oh, Grandma, you knitted me a holiday sweater/scarf set.