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One of the classic Duralex shapes. We have 3 sizes (22cl, 16cl and 9cl) think of them as water, wine and espresso to give you an idea.We do a six for £4.95 (click here).
The teeniest of the Gigogne glasses. Perfect for shots or an espresso. Probably fit a large boiled egg too.Click here if you'd like our 6 glass deal. (6 for £4.25)
nagasaki ceramic cups - Google Search
Espresso pour quatre/ Espresso for four by artetmanufacture
French Home Gourmet LaRochere 8 Ounce Wine Glass in Perigord Motif (Set of 6)
blue and white mug | Alliance Online
Utility - 24cm Plate
The classic shape milk jug. Once upon a time every cafe in the land would put the milk in your tea from a jug this shape. They just look right.Here is the 2 pint which is 7 tall.
Churchill Bit On The Side Plant Pot Pebble 2oz
Olympia Whiteware Butter Dish 62mm