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"Where's the outrage? This is the Muslim Brotherhood that the Obama Administration stood behind and supported?" In Egypt, this man was crucified because he converted from Islam to Christianity as a result of the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law. by natalie-w

Hatshepsut. The only female Pharoah of Egypt who reigned for 21 years over 3,500 years ago. A peaceful and prosperous reign, Hatshepsut was responsible for the iconic Temple of Hatshepsut in Luxor, and the tallest obelisk in the world, which still stands today, in the Temple of Karnak.

Recorded evidence that these two men collaborated to prevent a Military coup? What would evidence that Mursi was colluding with al-Qaeda during his tenure as president of Egypt reveal about Barack Obama's support for Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood regime? October 23, 2013

COURAGE!! General El-Sisi, the most popular man in Egypt, calls for a total "reformation of Islam"

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Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt

Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt. Born Cleopatra VII Philopator 69 BC Alexandria, Egypt. Died 12 August 30 BC (aged 38–39) Alexandria, Egypt

Cleopatra VII of Egypt dressed like a pharaoh presenting offerings to Isis, 51 BC. Limestone stele dedicated by a Greek man, Onnophris.

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How Cleopatra Ruled Egypt and Captivated 2 Powerful Roman Leaders

Cleopatra, Last Egyptian Pharaoh Bas-relief of Cleopatra and Caesarion, Temple of Hathor, Dendara, Egypt

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13 Female Pharaohs of Egypt

13 Female Pharaohs of Egypt: Tausret (Twosret, Tausert, Tawosret)