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Google Earth gives you the opportunity to go and see anywhere in the world… so what do you do? You go and look at your house.

When I can't sleep, I think up imaginary situations and create my own story in my head until I fall asleep.

Me: *wishes more people would pay attention to me* Also me: *wishes people would leave me alone* Ah, the joys of being an extroverted introvert...


Rainy city.

Forget writing prompt: I want to LIVE THERE.

That awkward moment when you're actually telling the truth but you laugh during it and everybody thinks you're lying

A customer asked for some help picking flowers, I told him I didn't know much about them as no one has ever bought me any. Half an hr later he handed me some, I nearly cried.

My laptop is set to take picture after 3 incorrect passwords 😹

My boyfriend's mom curves girls for him. When she sees a girl trying to flirt with him she yells out "HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND! GET OUT OF HIS FACE!" I love that woman