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The American Cream Draft Horse is the ONLY native breed of Draft to originate right here in the United States. All other breeds of heavy horse have come from Europe. This native breed sprung up from the rich fertile Midwest farm belt in the early 1900's. The originating horse was a mare purchased at auction by an Iowa farmer. (Another American breed established in my home state!)

American Belgian draft stallion. Leggier and lighter-looking if not always lighter weight, than the classic Brabant. Most are pangaré flaxen chestnut while most European horses are bay and roan. This popular draft breed may have significant Flemish draft horse heritage. The Flemish horse is another Belgian draft breed that is flaxen chestnut and leggy. photo: Mark Barrett.

Bretonenhengst Trait-Typ_1

They come from Viking animals that were used as war mounts and for farm work. In fact, the Vikings were the first western European people to use the horse for agricultural work & their subsequent invasions of other areas helped to spread the practice. Most draft breeds of western Europe are thought to carry the blood of the Fjord horse.

Back in the old days when there were no cars!!!!! Icelandic kids on a Icelandic pony.

Love the look of this breed, the Sufolk Punch Draft...