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Step by step directions for your students to make a visual multiplication table using graph paper. Some of my students are still having trouble gra...

I already use chutes and ladders for a variety of things. Never occurred to me to make my own custom versions to reinforce the skill we are working on.

6-8 year olds 1.3 order and compare rational numbers 1.5 number theory concepts (e.g., primes, composites, factors, divisibility ,and multiples) in mathematical problem situations

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Multiplication Strategies Anchor Chart / Posters

Multiplication Strategies Anchor Chart for Math @Kelly Teske Goldsworthy frazier Allen ... Thought this might be helpful:-)

Strategy for teaching division along with more helpful tips for teachers!

Here's a set of posters for helping students think about the meaning of multiplication.

Just another way - a visual multiplication model

Making anchor charts the students will actually use by having the students help create them!

Math anchor chart, can see this being quite useful for common core and deeper understanding.