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Skindulgence Facelift

Formulated by 12 plastic surgeons, it was developed to pamper, firm, lift, brighten and replenish your skin! Drench yourself in the exquisite luxury of a Skindulgence Facelift system today! It's a facelift without surgery and is a perfect natural product to give yourself a remarkable home facial. Reduce fine lines, eliminate wrinkles, develop firmer facial muscles, and improve the tone and color of your complexion.... FULL ARTICLE…

Bright colors- create space; Red kitchen- builds appetite; Work-out room- relaxing green or blue; red makes you fell like you're in an oven; Office- green inspires concentration. Love black? don't paint the walls, but the ceilings. Orange- associated with increased energy

Even experienced homebuyers can make mistakes when purchasing a new home because the process can sometimes be stressful and emotional. Make sure you avoid these three major pitfalls when buying a home; learn how to ensure a hassle-free negotiation. As an experienced Mississauga real estate agent, I know how to ensure the process is smooth.

Learning The Art Of “Being Still” Whenever you are faced with a crisis, "Being Still" helps you to focus better!

Red-Meat Risk Factors for Heart Disease in Women It takes only a little to do a lot of damage. One major study showed that women who eat just 3.6 ounces of red meat daily -- less than a small burger at most diners and fast-food joints -- are 42% more likely to have a stroke than women who eat less than 1 ounce. Processed meats are worse: Only 1.5 ounces a day boosts stroke risk 24%.

The ACE pyramid has five layers. The bottom layer represents “adverse childhood experiences”. Next is “social, emotional, and cognitive impa...