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100 Ways to Take Better Nature & Wildlife Photographs, I take most of my animal photographs at the Omaha Zoo. I can get creative and don't have to wait in a duck blind, or tree stand.

What is the Best Zoo in America, and the World?

Guess where the largest zoo in the world is found? Omaha!! Check out all the animals, the desert dome, the jungle, the aquarium and more.

Tractors get bigger and bigger, my husband is 6'4" he looks small. Take a trip through the best county fair in Nebraska

Ferris wheel and the Midway, it's where the teenagers flock at the fair to win prizes impress their girlfriends and hang out. It's the biggest social event of the year.

What is a 4-H county fair without livestock. These cattle are pampered with fans and don't even poop without a someone picking up behind them. Their hair is brushed, trimmed and their nails (hooves) painted.

What to Buy A Nebraska Husker Fan

The beginning of the tunnel walk, it's a Nebraska football game, even if you're not a Husker fan the tunnel walk gives you goosebumps if you are in Memorial Stadium in Lincoln.

Im With Bo Pelini, he built men, he cared about his players, it was more than just football. It's Nebraska Football, it's not just about the money, it's a way of life and he should NOT of been fired, his players should not of been notified by an email on a Sunday morning. I'm not a big sports fan, but I am a Nebraskan and I stand with BO

What to Buy A Nebraska Husker Fan

Valentinos pizza, the official pizza of the Nebraska Cornhuskers