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Dog Feeding Gadgets - We’ve compelled all the coolest dog feeding gadgets into one convenient place here at Dog Training Gadgets We’ve compelled all the coolest dog training gadgets into one convenient place here at

from The Green Head - Finds Cool New Stuff!

Oppo FoodBall - Dog Feeder That Slows Eating

This unique pet feeding ball from Japan moves around while a dog eats causing it to fall to the center around notched sections that force them to forage and work to get at.

from Etsy

Personalized Dog feeding station


Programmable Pet Feeder

Programmable #Pet #Feeder - $40/ With the Animal Planet Electronic Pet Feeder, you can customize your cat or dog’s meal portions and also the time they are fed.

This witty product is a perfect tech accessory for animal lovers everywhere! Cat Buddy (blue), Dog Buddy (tan), and even Pig Buddy (pink) USB hubs by the crafty stylings of We Play God. The cat and dog USB hubs lie on their sides but the pig (being lazier) lies flat on its prodigious belly. When plugged into her offsprings, the mother hub looks as if she is feeding her baby flash drives. Cute!

from Good Dogs & Co.

Homemade Bone Broth for Dogs

Homemade Bone Broth for Dogs | Bone broth can be a great first meal for dogs who have been sick (gastric irritation or vomiting) or for dogs who just don’t want to eat anything (typically, this is for older dogs) because it provides concentrated nourishment. It’s great as a meal topper for picky eaters

This no-slip dog feeding station, discovered by The Grommet, keeps the mess to a minimum with a wide food-catching lip and no-slip silicone bottom.

BreezeGuard Screens by Mutt Managers We had the opportunity to try out the Breezeguard Screens, which make it safer for our dogs (no flying debris will hit them) and when I stop at the store, these protect our dogs from people reaching in to pet them. They don't make it safe to leave our dogs in hot cars, but they do make our dogs safer from things that might fly in to join them (including strangers' fingers). What type of products do you have in your car to make it a safer dog car?