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100 pages of Math word problems

This unit includes 100 word problems!!! Students read the word problem, then solves it by drawing a picture and writing their response using numb...

Addition Word Problems (Kindergarten Common Core Aligned)

This pack gives you 10 addition word problems for students to solve. Five of the word problems give students the opportunity to cut out pictures and glue them to match the problem. The other five word problems let students use a number line. Students then draw pictures to match the given word problem.

Subtraction Word Problems (0-10)

Subtraction Word Problems (0-10) Use to help students solve addition word problems (includes a spot for students to draw a picture, a number line, a ten frame, and write a number sentence).

Solve the word problem below. Draw a picture to help you solve the problem. Use your picture to write a number sentence.

Word Problems -Task cards and printables

Word problems (task cards and printables) that allow children to use their critical thinking skills to solve the problems. Over 50 problems! Grade 1-3

Word Problems - Addition and Subtraction within 10

FREE (for now!) Word Problems - addition & subtraction word problems - within 10 10 different worksheets for your students to practice problem solving strategies: tens frame, draw a picture, use fingers, use objects, write an equation, use a number line

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

This Addition and Subtraction Word Problems Bundle contains 20 Math Problems using numbers 0-10. Each page contains: A Number Line to use to solve the problem. A Drawing Box is to match a picture to the word problem. An Equation Box to write the sum.

Word Problem Strategy Posters

Adding 3 Numbers Word Problems Pack

Addition with 3 addends word problems practice sheets!! Practice solving word problems that are adding 3 numbers with number lines, drawing a picture, using a twenty frame, and writing an equation - so much practice on one sheet! Great morning work

Here's an editable problem-solving template that focuses on the strategies Draw a Picture, Find a Pattern, Choose an Operation, and Make a Table. There is room for students to show their work as well as write out the steps they followed to solve the problem.