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50 Cent at the Gadget Show Live 2012 talking about Sync By 50 Headphones [Video]

I just read an article on sports. It wasn't until 2nd paragraph I realized it was about Cricket. April 4, 2010- MLB opening night game...long ways away.

new IKEA furniture ~ "Uppleva" is an all-in-one TV and stand with storage built in co-operation with China's TCL Multimedia. Not only that, it also incorporates a Blu-ray / DVD player and surround sound (with wireless sub woofer.) Details on the TV itself are sparse, but there's a brace of USB inputs and four HDMI ports (so you can re-add in some wires), plus FM radio and internet connectivity.

Interior con diseños basados en la estética espacial, con la llegada del hombra a la luna en la década de los sesenta. La televisión como elemento principal de los salones. #Esmadeco.

50 Cent and members of the SMS Audio team at Gadget Show Live 2012: UK http://smsaudio.com

Facebook adiciona opção de doação de Orgãos na Timeline, saiba mais http://youtu.be/GOC3F3DI1x8

Hands On: Apple iPhone 5 (With Video) | News & Opinion | PCMag.com - more evolution than revolution but evolution is important!

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