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Bucket List

Oh I've done my fair share of shopping in Paris.. But shopping with an unlimited amount of spending money would be nice. (Maybe that's more of a wish than something that I could actually do)

✓Make someone less fortunate smile on Christmas✓ We always try to get an Angel from the tree, or make a good donation during the holidays... like other things on my Bucket List, this will never be finished because I hope to do this every year!

I want a daughter who will nurture and love people. A daughter who will be sweet and kind. I want a little girl who I can teach to be a woman. Nobody ever taught me how to be a woman, so teaching a daughter will be very fulfilling.


I'm Anne Karla... I like books, fashion, stars, vintage, art, photography, clouds, sunrise, landscapes, history, science, animals, languages, Harry Potter, flowers, literature, cute things, anime,...

Well, hes not my husband but he's kissed the belly, hugged it.. he even used to fall asleep on it as if it were a pillow lol Then Liam would occasionally kick him in the side of the face and we both would erupt with laughter lol

Europe Europe Europe...! So awesome and exactly what I have always wanted to do! How exciting is this?! 2013 is the year I finally get the opportunity with a wonderful friend! So excited!!!!!!!

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