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from TreeHugger

The Future IS Mud: Earth Architecture In Africa (And Lots Of Other Places)

Though it may sound primitive, it's not. Building with earth is a venerable world tradition dating back at least years, with the oldest surviving specimens found in the Middle East and South America and ending up today in places like Britain,

from ArchDaily

Three Projects That Transform Low-Tech Materials Into Innovative Design

Low Tech: Top: Educational Building In Mozambique / Bergen School of Architecture Students. Middle: School Library Gando / Kere Architecture. Bottom: ...

from MNN - Mother Nature Network

Tubular glass vacation home encases a full-grown tree

An eye-catching design but perhaps a fir tree isn't the best species to encase in a glass tube? Also, where's the fire pole?

from The Huffington Post

Survivor: Extreme Architecture Edition

A cross-disciplinary mix of environmental art, architecture, sociology and survival, The students were given a task to make a personal nomad shelter and collectively to build a movable Nomad Sauna on skies and an Aurora Observatory.